Nancy Roberts, LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker in Peoria and Phoenix, AZ
Nancy Roberts, LMSW
Meet Nancy

My name is Nancy Roberts and I am so excited to be part the team here at Desert View Counseling. I am here and devoted exclusively to helping you. I earned my Master’s degree in science at the University of Arizona, followed by a Master’s degree in business administration from Arizona State University. My educational journey concluded with a Master’s in social work at Arizona State University. It was in this program that I found my true calling, helping others solve and overcome life’s problems.

My therapeutic methodology is formed by my experience working with diverse people meeting challenging life obstacles. I am an active, excellent listener. I pay close attention to detail to help you get to the core of your issue. I can help you restore and maintain good mental health. I have extensive life experience and have traveled all over the globe. I have done a plethora of different work that helps make me an expert in many areas - all of which may benefit you. I will provide a safe space in a supportive environment that will allow you to meet your personal goals.