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The challenges of adolescence may help explain why 17% of teens struggle with depression, a number that’s double the frequency in adults. At any age, depression is a serious disease that needs treatment from Krystal Donley, PMHNP, and the licensed therapists at Desert View Counseling & Consulting. With customized psychotherapy, medications, and healthy lifestyle recommendations, they can help you overcome depression and regain interest in enjoying life. To schedule an in-person or telehealth appointment, call the office in Phoenix or Peoria, Arizona, or book online today!

What causes depression?

Depression often occurs during life transitions, such as losing a job, moving, retiring, or the death of a loved one. Living with daily stress and anxiety or developing a serious illness may also trigger depression. Many circumstances can make you feel depressed. 

You’re also more likely to become depressed if other family members have a mood disorder diagnosis. But depression doesn’t always begin for an obvious reason.

Depression is associated with imbalanced brain chemicals (neurotransmitters). If your neurotransmitter levels drop, you get depressed. And your neurotransmitter levels can change with or without a depressing life event.

No matter what causes your depression, it can go on for months or longer if you don’t get treatment.

What symptoms does depression cause?

The symptoms of depression include:

  • Feeling sad, hopeless, and worthless
  • Feeling nervous or anxious
  • Avoiding family and friends
  • Losing interest in activities you usually enjoy
  • Eating too much or too little
  • Gaining or losing weight
  • Sleeping too much
  • Having insomnia
  • Struggling to concentrate or make decisions
  • Thinking about committing suicide

When your symptoms last two weeks or longer, it’s time to seek help at Desert View Counseling & Consulting. If you have thoughts of suicide, call the crisis lifeline at 988 for immediate help. 

How is depression treated?

The team at Desert View Counseling & Consulting treats depression with therapy, medication, or a combination of both. The choice of therapy depends on the cause of your depression and the severity of your symptoms.

Your Desert View Counseling & Consulting therapist recommends the type of psychotherapy that fits your goals. During therapy, you may learn coping skills that help you manage life challenges. You may need to identify and deal with negative thoughts or learn stress management.

Talk therapy has another benefit you may not expect. Your brain constantly changes as you learn new things. As you explore your thoughts and feelings during therapy, the stimulation boosts nerve activity and helps rebalance brain chemicals.

Lifestyle changes can also improve your mood. You may need to fine-tune your diet to get the nutrients needed for producing neurotransmitters.

Antidepressants improve your mood by increasing neurotransmitter levels. However, you need to take them a few weeks before they take effect. If your symptoms don’t improve with antidepressants, your provider may recommend transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), a treatment that balances brain chemicals using magnetic pulses.

If you feel depressed for longer than two weeks, call Desert View Counseling & Consulting or request an appointment online today.