Developmental Disorder

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Developmental Disorder

Developmental Disorder services offered in Peoria and Phoenix, AZ

Children are sometimes born with (or later suffer from) problems that affect their development. The licensed therapists at Desert View Counseling & Consulting in Phoenix and Peoria, Arizona, offer expert support to children and adults living with developmental disorders. The experienced team helps those with conditions ranging from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to learning difficulties. Call Desert View Counseling & Consulting if you need assistance with developmental disorders or request an in-person or telehealth appointment online today.

Developmental Disorder Q & A

What is a developmental disorder?

Developmental disorders are conditions that affect how a child grows and develops. These conditions can cause problems in the following areas:

  • Cognition (learning and understanding)
  • Social skills
  • Mobility
  • Physical and/or emotional independence
  • Language development and speech
  • The senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell)
  • Perception (how they see the world)

Many developmental disorders are congenital, meaning they develop before a child is born and are life-long. Developmental disorders can also be caused by trauma and diseases experienced during childhood.

What developmental disorders might affect my child?

The most common developmental disorder is attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This condition causes problems with inattention (daydreaming, poor concentration, lack of organizational skills) and/or hyperactivity (excessive energy and impatience) and compulsivity (acting without thinking).

Other widespread developmental conditions include:

Learning disorders

Learning disorders affect a child’s ability to process information. They may find it difficult to read and/or write (dyslexia) or do math (dyscalculia) despite being intelligent and capable in other areas.

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

These conditions develop if a child’s mother consumes excessive quantities of alcohol during pregnancy. They can cause physical and cognitive problems.

Language disorders

Language disorders affect communication. Children may have delayed speech, an auditory processing disorder, or stammer.

Intellectual disorders

Children with intellectual disorders have a low IQ, affecting their ability to learn, reason, and understand.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

ASD is a neurodevelopmental condition that doesn’t always limit learning. In fact, many autistic children have exceptional abilities in certain areas, especially those with Asperger’s syndrome (high-functioning autism). Behavior, social skills, communication, and sensory challenges are often the most noticeable issues for these children.

How do I support my child with their developmental disorder?

If you suspect your child has a developmental condition, visit Desert View Counseling & Consulting for an assessment without delay. The sooner your child receives help, the better their prospects.

Developmental disorders affect each child differently. Some may have mild impairments, while others need round-the-clock care. Whatever the situation, you can play a significant role in improving your child’s quality of life.

Desert View Counseling & Consulting offers personalized care that might include behavioral therapy and/or medication. The team also provides invaluable support for parents, helping them manage the challenges of raising a child with a developmental disorder.

Call Desert View Counseling & Consulting today to learn more about the help they offer for people affected by developmental disorders. You can also book an in-person or telehealth appointment online.